Passion for Speed

The best choice is solid rotor technology

It’s simple. Eliminate the gearbox and gain adjustable speed for all turbo applications. A solid rotor induction motor is a type of induction machine with a non-laminated rotor construction. The advantage of the stiff construction is unmatched stability and balance, which offers exceptional rotating system reliability for all types of turbo applications

Solid rotor induction motors – up to 15,000 rpm

The Switch turbo induction motors replace a mechanical gearbox by an electrical one to give you full speed control for your system. By integrating an electrical motor with the load machinery, you get unmatched space and weight savings.

The Switch complete turbo drive package 

  • Available as a rotor or a motor
  • Up to 15,000 rpm
  • Shaft heights: 315, 355 or 400
  • Drives: 400 V and 690 V, liquid- or air-cooled
  • Both motor and drive up to 12 MW

Custom-built for the challenge

Every high-speed solid rotor induction motor is engineered or customized for a specific end use. The end results speak for themselves in:

  • Fans and turbo blowers
  • Vacuum drives in paper machines
  • Turbo generators
  • Compressors
  • Pumps